Welcome to My Journey!

The One Where I Introduce Myself

Guten Tag, Bonjour and Hello! My name is Kat and I am currently a graduate student in the Public History stream at Western University! This blog is set up as a mix of a passion project and as a behind the scene look of the daily shenanigans of a graduate student and hopeful public historian.

The landing page directs you right to my blog feed, A Historian’s Day! Scroll through to hear about all the exciting things I will get up to over the course of the next year! The header holds a menu that will allow you to scroll through my passion project, Haunting Canada, which takes a historical look at some of Canada’s creepiest sites and a look into the rise of dark tourism in Canada.

The gallery hosts all the pictures I have taken on my various research excursions including; pictures of Kingston Penitentiary, Kingston’s Downtown Core, various grave yards, Rockwood Asylum and many more!

Growing up in Kingston, I was constantly surrounded by history. Which in a weird turn of events fostered my love for the occult. I was fascinated by ghosts as a child and would stay up well past my bedtime scaring myself silly as I read the book series Haunted Canada or watched Creepy Canada. As my love of ghosts and hauntings grew, it became intertwined with my love of history. You can’t have some of Kingston’s most haunted sites without the history behind it!

Interesting Facts About Me

  • Born and raised in Kingston, but my heart remains in Miramichi where my parents are from!
  • Completed Undergrad at Queen’s University (Cha Gheill!)
  • Major in History, minor in German Studies (Ja, ich spreche deutsch!)
  • Research interests: Nazi Germany, Canadians in WWII, Indigenous soldiers WWI & WWII, Indigenous Veterans, America and Germany during the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, respectability and identity politics, collective memory, history on film, and dark tourism!
  • Back in my home town I worked at a haunted fort during the Halloween season (Fort Fright at Fort Henry)
  • I paid for my undergrad working as a professional face and body painter (it’s helping pay for graduate school too!)
  • Currently trying to learn Acadian French to keep the language within my family!

Come along on this journey with me and let’s see what we can discover!

~ Kat

One Comment Add yours

  1. latinsley says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal story, Kat, and for your lively account of this year’s Doors Open London. I’m happy to be joining you as a fellow traveller on your journey to the Public History universe!


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